Week 13 - Beginning Nov. 14
1. Study for both the chapter test (chaps 5, 6, 7) and the rock test. They are Tues/Weds and Mon/Tues respectively.
2. Do the connect for Streams (Chapter 10), finish any old connect)
3. Print out the lab for Spring Creek Park and meet at the park for class (Thurs Nov 10 and Mon Nov 14)
4. Read through and do sample problems in the Slope and Topographic Maps module and the Unit Conversions module on The Math You Need website before coming to class on Tues Nov 15 and Weds Nov 16. Bring the Topographic Maps lab to class that day.

Week 8 - Beginning Oct 10
1. Read and do Connect for Chapter 4
2. Do study guides for Plate Tectonics, Igneous rocks, and Volcanoes. The next test will be a Oct 18 and Oct 19 for TTh and MW classes, respectively.
3. Study for the next test using the Study Cycle and Intense Study Sessions. See the blog post on metacognition for more information.
4. Study igneous rocks to prepare for the rock test later in the semester.
5. Bring the Alkaseltzer Lab to class on Tuesday and Wednesday
6. Do the Cemetery lab prelab homework and bring the lab and necessary equipment (see lab handout tab) to the cemetery on Th and M.
7. Read part 2 of I Am Malala
NOTE: Thursday's class--we will not meet in the classroom on Thursday. We will meet at Salem Lutheran Cemetery at 8 am!! MW we will meet at the cemetery next week on Monday.

Week 6
1. Finish the M&M Lab (TTh should be done by Sept 29, MW should be done by Oct 3rd)
    --complete the graph and bring to class
    --complete questions and bring to class
2. Read Chap 3 -- Do Connect
3. Bring the Igneous Rock lab (chart and handout) to class on Monday
3. Plate Tectonic Lab write up due Wednesday

Week 3 into 4:
Do the study guides for the Nature of Science (NOS) and Minerals. These are located here and here. Bring any questions you have to class. I will be asking for questions. Be prepared! This is part of your studying for the Exam on Tuesday/Wednesday.

Read Chap 19 and do the corresponding quiz. Have your notes from class with you as you go through the reading. Have your concept sketches handy. Add to the sketches, make a new one, whatever you need to build your understanding. You will be expected to be able to draw these models of the plate boundaries. PRACTICE!!

Study Minerals (ID) for the Mineral Exam on Monday/Tuesday Sept 26/27.

For Wednesday 11 am class - find two examples of ocean-ocean convergence (names of island chains) and ocean-continent convergence (names of mountain ranges)

We will finish Plate Tectonics on Thursday/Monday and move into Igneous Rocks (Chapter 3). Preview (skim the chapter, look at the headings, see what we will be going over) Chap 3 before coming to class.

Do the GRIT gauge that you received by email from the college. Here is the link: http://aq.peaklearning.com/lscroundtwogrit. This should be done by September 23. Bring your GRIT score to class on Monday 9/26 or Tuesday 9/27 as appropriate. You will be doing an activity where you will need that score.

Week 2 (No classes Monday):
Read Chapter 2 and do the online quiz (on Connect) - Bring questions to class!
Do the Nature of Science Survey (listed below) if you haven't already done so.
Bring the Mineral Lab handout and the Mineral ID chart to class on Tuesday/Wednesday

Due on Tuesday/Wednesday
Checks Lab
Syllabus Investigation
Deep Ignorance List

Bring to class on Thursday/Monday (9/12): the Plate Tectonics Handout. You do not need to bring the maps.

Week 1:
Do the Nature of Science Survey and then check your answers here. Note any questions that you got wrong that you are surprised are wrong.

Read over the Syllabus (Monday/Wednesday classes and Tuesday/Thursday classes) and do the Syllabus Investigation Homework. Due the first class of week 2.

Read about the Nature of Science (NOS) in the NOS blog posts

Get the Socrative for students app for your phone or go to www.socrative.com on your computer and bookmark the page. You will need this app/site in class on Wednesday/Thursday

For Wednesday/Thursday: Read the Physical Properties of Minerals section in chapter 2 of your text or here on the blog if you don't have the text or want some supplementary information.

Access your section (check the times!) for Connect and begin the homework on Connect for Chapter 2 . It is due on Tuesday/Wednesday of week 2. It is optional but strongly suggested to do the LearnSmart before doing the Quiz. You may take the quiz up to three times. The highest grade will be recorded in my grade book.

Reading in I Am Malala - through to page 107 by Sept 21. Pace yourself so you aren't crunched for time. 


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